Apartment Switchboard Upgrade - Balmain

Cynthia's switchboard is like many we come across in the inner west... Very dates and no safety switches! We assisted her in getting her apartment switchboard upgraded back up to date with current wiring rules. placing every circuit on a safety switch.

Before we started, this was the condition of the switchboard, these are still  extremely common, which is scary!

Switchboard prep work

Prep work - We measured up the existing switchboard and marked where the cable entry was to the unit, we then reflected this onto the new plastic enclosure and cut it out. We then assembled the safety switches on the din rail and inserted links.

Switchboard upgrade pre testing

Once the old switchboard was taken down we isolated all the circuits and tested the insulation resistance on the circuit to see if there was any issues before we powered the new unit up.

We require a reading above 1 mega ohm, in this case we were at 97 mega ohms, well above the required result.

Switchboard post install RCD tests

New switchboard up and installed with safety switches on each circuit including hot water and stove. This looks so much neater and

Job complete - new switchboard installed

Cynthia's apartment is now up to code and fully protected by safety switches.

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