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How annoying is it when you have a visitor at the gate and you've gotta walk over and open it with a car remote fob?

Our EXCELLENT repeat clients in Strathfield, just keep getting us back! This time for a smart intercom install.

See the project below.

Why did they need an intercom installed?

The main reason for this intercom installation was the clients recently had an automatic roller gate installed. this was great but to open it they had to use a key fob every time, the same as they carry in the car.

Now when someone presses the front door station, it will alert their smartphone and allow them to talk through the intercom and even open the gate from anywhere in the world!

How did we get around this issue?

We decided to wire and install a smart intercom system from the gate into the house. It was quite tricky as we had to make some alterations on the motor control wiring to suit this new set up.

How did we run the cables for the gate and intercom?

The cables were trenched from the garden to the house, up the cavity and into the attic space where we placed the control gear. When the slab was being poured originally, we left conduits but the gate installers decided to steal those, leaving us to think outside the box... at last, we can get cables anywhere!

We had to lift a few paving bricks to get the cables to the door station monitor, we run the low voltage cable under the gate, we then ground out a channel with a grinder on the mortar, snaking the cable around the brick joints. Then used a trick of the trade by siliconing over it, then spraying the dust residue on it making it look like we never touched it. Once we got the cable to the middle we drilled through the brickwork at an angle and slipped the cable through making it nice and neat.

Fitting off the intercom

The install was pretty simple, we had one monitor in the kitchen area, we also made a custom data lead so they could plug a hard connection into their internet modem to save any buffering that may occur. We wired up the control box and away they went a few clicks and the gate opens!

Intercom installed and another happy client.

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