Brass Ceiling Fan Install - Inner West

Brass ceiling fan install

Coming into summer, Matt wanted to ensure he and his family were going to stay cool. Check out these brass fans we installed.

We had one issue, there were two ceiling roses where we needed to install the fans so we had to make some modifications. We totally removed the downstairs ceiling rose, which, seems to have been added in a few years so, not original - thankfully!

The top floor bedroom ceiling fan was easier as we had access up in the roof so we were able to create an anchor to mount and install the fan.

Bathroom fan replacement

The bathroom had a dodgy extractor fan also, which we swapped out to get that shower steam out of there! This will prevent ceiling damage and mould appearing.

The fans turned out great!

Job Complete - Brass ceiling fan installed and bathroom fan replaced

Matt's home is now well ventilated and cool during hot season.

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