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Dining table pendant lights install

This beautiful inner west home needed a little bit of character added, we hung three pendant lights over the dining table, check it out here.

We were very lucky that the centre of the table lined up with an old LED downlight to install these three lights so the install was all symmetrical with the existing lights.

Retrofitting the pendant lights

Firstly we measured up the table and divided it in half, we then divided that half, in half to get our measurements. The spacing was approximately 700mm apart, lasered, and drilled up we had access above to do the connections.

To get these lights spot on, we set up a laser level to get the brackets on, also to ensure they were both suspended at the same height so it was fully aesthetically pleasing.

We also fit wall sconces for this client, check out the project here - Wall Sconce Install.

Check out the pictures of the pendant lights:

Job Complete - Dining table pendants light installed

Client was very happy with the result. They can now enjoy the benefits of concentrated light in one particular area and it also added an ambiance to the room.

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