Additional Power Points Install - Camperdown

Additional power points install

You can never have enough power points today, most equipment we own needs to be plugged in or charged up. Many older homes lack power points, that's where we come in.

This home was a classic beautiful terrace style home in Camperdown, like most we work in, power points are few and far between. Terrace homes can be a lot trickier than a stand-alone, we don't have the luxury of a cavity and for these power points, we had a floor in between, which made it even trickier, check out how we get around these hurdles.

For the first power point we were lucky there was one on the opposite side of the wall, this entailed carefully cutting out the skirting board and drilling through.

Power point number two required some thinking and patience to make it look neat, this was for an office desk or home office set up on the landing. Carefully drilling through the brick wall we used a mini-duct along the top of the skirting to blend in and placed the power point on the skirting again. We were very happy with how it turned out!

Job Complete - Additional Power Points Installed

Client was very happy with the result! He can now plugin more devices without any worry of overloading.

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