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Ceiling Fan Installs - Summer Hill

This weeks featured electrical project

Summer is here, what better way to cool down than a DC ceiling fan?

This week we installed a few ceiling fans for Susan in Summer Hill.

The results were awesome and we left with extremely happy client's.

Ceiling fan install

Susan's room has air conditioning... but she needed a more efficient way to cool down her rooms when her and her family relaxing in the living room and sleeping at night. 

To start with we had to pull down some LED downlights to get access to cabling for the ceiling fan. Fishing through the ceiling space was tricky, but we git there!

Laser ceiling fans

We find using a laser is not just a time saver, we know our fans and lights are all going to line up.

Ceiling fan install Summer Hill

The cable is fished into the centre hole we have drill, we then inserted a timber support to hold the weight of the fan and connected the base.

Ceiling fan install Summer Hill

Finished product, DC fan installed in the master bedroom looking smick. They can run at or up to 70% more efficient than your average air conditioning units - crazy!

CDC Ceiling fan electrician

Ceiling fan install Summer Hill

Second fan installed in bedroom. The layout was a bit tricky here because of the bulkhead over the bed. We kept the fan centre of the lights as it would have looked a bit out of sorts to the left of the image.

Third fan installed in living room. This fan fit in well with the apartment theme. 

Would you like to get some ceiling fans installed like Susan?

Contact us and we can help you out.

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