Garage Switchboard Upgrade - Ashfield

Garage Switchboard Upgrade Ashfield

Deb recently moved from Marrickville to Ashfield and like all older homes, it needed some electrical TLC. We upgraded her switchboard in the garage, added power points, and replace pendant lights.

The switchboard we thought from the pictures Deb sent that the back panel of the switchboard was asbestos, so we brought a new bakelite panel to replace it with us. It turned out it was timber, we replaced it, in any case, to make it all look great again!

We had to measure and cut the panel to neatly fit the existing back panel where all the cables were coming in, once the switchboard was built, we put it all together, tested and we were up to current wiring rules standards.

Job Complete - Garage Switchboard Upgraded

Deb's house is now up to code and fully protected by safety switches.

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