NBN Cable Install - Inner West Sydney

NBN cabling install

Filomena has been a fantastic client of ours, we've been serving her beautiful Five dock home for many years now. This time around, Filomena needed cabling for her new NBN connection.

The NBN cable run

The cable run wasn't too bad, it was approximately 10 meters from end to end, the run we had to conduit the cable behind a bush (that was quite prickly!), there were a few turns and bends on the rub which was a little tricky but we got it there!

What cable did we use?

This time around we're required to run a Cat 6 data cable, some times we have to use or connect into an RG6 cable, the same cable used for modern TV antenna installs. It all depends on the incoming supply from the street and suburb.

NBN cable installed

We had the cable installed end to end!


On the lead in cable outside we left a few meters of cat 6 cable for the NBN tech to install, also labeling the cores we used - thinking of the next guy!!


There was a phone point which we were able to remove, drill out the wall to the outside and fish in the cable, the plate was changed to a twin and a new data jack was installed on that, terminated and all good to go!

Job Complete - New NBN Cable Installed

Filomena enjoyed her speedier service and was very happy with the stronger cable connections.

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