Office LED Lighting Upgrade - Haberfield

Dull lighting!

This cosy inner west office was very dull, previously a living room many years ago, these pendant lights had to go, we upgraded to LED battens. The results were amazing!

We have been doing electrical maintenance for this inner west business for a while now, this time around numerous complaints about dull lighting and staff migraines meant a change to the lighting was required!

Pendant light fittings

The original light fittings were pendant/chandelier style fittings, more so for ambiance then good lighting. It's interesting with these old buildings how the rooms change and evolve over time - mad to think this was a living room in this large manor in the inner west!

The light spread was terrible, it was casting shadows and hanging in the girl's faces while trying to work, topped off with cool white globes, piercing their eyes as they worked!

LED lighting upgrade

After a consultation with the Sasha and a few different options including LED downlights, we decided on installing LED battens.

We lasered up the room, removed the old pendants, and installed the new LED lights. We set the colour tone to daylight (in between warm and cool). this gave a far nicer working light and excellent spread. See the difference in colour tone below.

Great light options

These particular lights are awesome, Why?... they have a multi-function feature!

These LED battens can be set to 20/40 watts and also the colour tone changed to warm - 3k daylight 4k or cool 5k. All built into one fitting!

Job Complete - Office LED Lighting Upgraded

The staff were very happy as it will create a healthy work environment and will increase their productivity.

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