Check out some of our electrical work, in this category we've got rewire installs we've been doing around Inner West Sydney, If you've got something you would like Westcork Electrical do in your home reach out by calling or filling in the enquiry form.

Rewire Inner West Ashfield

How dangerous can going into your loft be - Very! We see a lot of homes in the inner west which are over 100 years old and still contain old cotton cabling which is dangerous and can short out easily and at any time, as Geoff found out...

Emergency Electrical Fault Repair Russell Lea

Bec's entire pool pump house was tripping because the safety switch wouldn’t stay up. Meaning her pool pump, filters, and light would not work unless she ran a power cord out from the house. Check out the electrical fault we found...

Lighting Circuit Rewire Rozelle

Chris ran into trouble when the bad weather caused his lights circuit to trip! We respond to this electrical emergency on Sunday and uncovered cotton cabling!

What started out as a fault find from a burning smell from cable behind the wall turned into a discovery of nests of unsafe, substandard electrical shock and fire hazards waiting to happen...

Home rewire | Inner West Sydney

The aftermath in Croydon, more dodgy items found, new cables run in, complete meter box and switchboard relocation, new extractor fans and more!

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