Ring CCTV Camera & Doorbell Install - Croydon

Ring smart CCTV install

Suzanne wanted some added security around her Croydon home for peace of mind, what better way then having a light and camera in one, straight to your smart device.

Ring smart floodlight camera locations

This house was brick veneer so cable pathways was a potential issue, we needed to get a supply cable from an existing light circuit to the locations of the new camera floodlights, the lights are going to be installed either side of the front entrance door and one on the front wall so it sweeps the entrance.

How did we get the cables to the Ring Flood light?

The ceiling space was quite tight with not much crawl space, however, we were able to get up on the roof and slide the tiles up, threading the cables through that. Luckily there was a small cavity between the inner timber frame and outer brickwork to sneak a cable down... on this occasion, we used a string line with a magnet attached and a coat hanger in the penetration to fish the string out, worked a treat!

We love these fittings and more importantly, clients love these fittings! Once the cable was poked out we drilled out the fixings, connected, and installed the lights.

Ring smart doorbell 2 install

To add to this install we put in a ring doorbell 2 at the front gate. To do this we took power from a local circuit and placed a transformer in an outdoor weatherproof box and ran the cable to the doorbell. The ring doorbell 2 has a built-in battery but may only last a few months depending on usage etc until you unscrew the cover, remove the battery and recharge it, we like to set and forget so you don't have to worry about these things.

Monitoring the cameras

Once we powered up, it was literally a few minutes and Suzanne had the ring app downloaded and the cameras pared to her phone. Now if anyone enters the area of the doorbell or lights she will get an alert straight to her phone. There is also a live stream available, should you wish to check in on if a delivery comes you can live stream and even two way talk down the camera. Crazy!

Power point addition & replacement

As we were there, and as we usually see at older homes there was a cracked power point in the kitchen which the client alerted us to, we replaced this power point and also added a new power point and cabling for the relocated laundry so have trailing leads around the home! \

Job Complete - Ring CCTV Camera & Doorbell Installed

Suzanne's house is now secured and she can easily monitor everything on her phone.

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