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Switchboard Upgrade - Five Dock

This weeks featured electrical project

Helen's old switchboard was well overdue an upgrade. The house is approximately 70 years old and the switchboard had all the signs of it.

Here's how we went about upgrading and relocating the new switchboard and meter box.

Old switchboard with the meter removed 

Check out the cotton cabling that was linked to the meter load active cable... the cable was breaking down and deteriorating. Cotton cable has a life span, if you are aware it's in your home, be careful it can be extremely dangerous as it breaks down!

Meter cabling breaking down - Electrician Five Dock

The old meter box was made of timber, right outside the front door, shonky additions as the years went on as seen by the links at the switchboard. Some cotton cabling some new - What a mess!

Not one safety switch to be seen!

NO RCD's - Switchboard Upgrade - Electrician Five Dock

Switchboard Upgrade - Main Switch 

Burn marks inside the porcelan fuse carrier

Dated three phase main switch

Mains & Point of attachment cable upgrade

The old 16mm SDI cables actually had been heat shrinked at some stage as they were breaking down due to the UV rays from the sun. The new XLPE mains will cope with the UV rays.

Point of attachment - Before

Point of attachment - After

Earth Electrode Upgrade

The Five dock home had no main earth visible, presumably it was a water pipe bond. We added a new earth electrode under the switchboard. This copper rod goes 1000mm into the ground!

Switchboard Upgrade - Electrician Five Dock

Support fitted to knocked out brick

Cables fed through the cavity

Keep It neat - Behind the panels

Cabling joined to the existing house cabling in old meter box.

Switchboard Upgrade - Complete

Switchboard Complete

Helen now has the piece of mind her switchboard upgrade & relocation is up to date, every circuit is protected by an RCD and a surge protection device to protect her electronics from surges.


✔ New Meter Box

✔ New Switchboard

✔ Every Circuit On A Safety Switch

✔ New Surge Protector

✔ New Earthing

✔ New Earth Electrode 

✔ New Consumer Mains

Is Your Switchboard Like Helen's?

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