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Switchboard Upgrade

Duncan's switchboard had seen better days, we gave it a revamp by adding safety switches and a new earthing system.

The switchboard has been there for many years and, having numerous fuse wire blow over time with the addition of new circuits and air conditioning units being added on top it was getting to a stage where Duncan needed a switchboard upgrade.

To bring the switchboard up to the standard we added safety switches to add electrocution protection on all the final sub-circuits and also added a new earth electrode and water bond (earth).

It certainly looks a bit more modern now, not to mind a lot safer.


Switchboard Upgrade Sutherland Shire


Switchboard Upgrade Sutherland Shire
Switchboard Upgrade Cronulla

Job Complete - Switchboard upgraded

Duncan now has the piece of mind that his switchboard is up to date with additional safety switches to protect his electronics.

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