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Home electrics upgrade inner west

New homeowners in the inner west wanted to smarten up their lighting and add feature pendants to set off this fantastic terrace. We installed smart LED downlights and pendant lights all controlled by Philips hue smart switching via voice control or smart device.

Smart LED downlights install

There were originally LED downlights installed not long after this property was renovated, I'm guessing 4-5 years ago.

We basically had to pull them down and swap over to the smart version. There are many ways to control these including Google Home, Alexa, and voice control.

Smart LED Downlight & Feature Light Install Leichhardt
Smart LED Downlight & Feature Light Install Leichhardt

Feature pendants Install

Being a finished ceiling we had to take the supply to these lights from the existing LED downlights close by, meaning they would be switches together normally!

With these new smart control modules, we were able to wire these in so they can be turned on, off, and dimmed separately.

Smart LED Downlight & Feature Light Install Leichhardt

Dining light install

Due to the movement of the table from the centre of the room we had to relocate the light over the table, again switching with a smart module linked to the Philips hue.

The light looks fantastic, one globe on the table and the other adding a wall wash light giving ambiance.

Smart LED Downlight & Feature Light Install Leichhardt

Job Complete - Smart LED downlight and Feature lights installed

Client home is now well lit, energy-efficient and most importantly it made their lives extremely convenient. 

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