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Smart doorbell install inner west Sydney

Nerida required a smart doorbell installed in her inner west home, one for security to be able to see who was at her door, secondly, convenience for deliveries while she's at work.  

She can now talk down and see whomever is at the door and even tell them where to leave the package while at work.

Smart doorbell install

This at times can be interesting as for a hard wired connection we need to place a low voltage driver close by which are quite bulky, we got lucky there was a rather large light fitting almost above the doorbell.

Removing the light we chiseled out a bit of the brick, got a power source for the switch directly behind the light fitting, and were able to fish the cables down the double brick cavity.

Ring Smart Doorbell Installation Inner West
Ring Smart Doorbell Installation Inner West

Job Complete - Ring smart doorbell installed

Nerida was very happy! Her home is now secured and convenient for her to easily see who is at the front door.

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